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Waiting For You: A Detectorists Zine - Issue 4

  • Waiting For You: A Detectorists Zine - Issue 4

"Waiting for You is an appropriate tribute to Detectorists: filled with simple pleasures, gleeful diversions and the occasional fleeting spectre." Fortean Times, August 2022.

A5 perfect bound zine, 68pp.


Mini Detectorists by Duncan Willis

Anatomy of a Scene by Ian Edwards

Hours Peaceful and Things Mundane: Detectorists and the Non-Violent Approach to Folkloric Storytelling by George Parr

Veronica's House by Tracy Hetherington & Phillip Brown

“All the minorities covered”: Landscapes, Englishnesses and hopefulness in the TV work of Mackenzie Crook by Dr Joanne Norcup

Danegeld Jewellery by George Easton

Housing (and Filming) the Grail by James Ewing

Review: Detectorists Christmas Special 2022 by Neil Stones

Review: Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem by Cormac Pentecost

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